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    32 Mira Street, R-045
    Phone: +7(912)242-98-96
    e-mail: pit_pit2@mail.ru
    Welcome to Russian-Mouse.com   

    We are glad to see you on our site! Do you need a gift? For yourself or a friend? For birthday or any other occasion?
    Should it be:
    - Beautiful and interesting
    - Valuable and useful
    - Amusing or very lovely
    - not too expensive, but also not too cheap
    - Unique. That nobody else had the same one?
    We have what you need! We have a special view on how the accessories for a modern life should look like!
    We make each item look unique and original!
    Our painters paint at any items: computers, telephones, teapots, refrigerators, microwaves, conditioners. Grey computer mice, keyboards, PC cases, monitors and other ordinary-looking things become bright and exclusive. All this became possible due to usage of modern paint and special technology of laying it. All items are lacquered and dried to guarantee the preservation of brightness and durability of design for many years.
    An attempt to decorate elements of our life with an ancient and modern art is one more attempt to make our life look brighter, to receive new impressions.
    Each painted item is exclusive. While putting a part of his soul in his work, the painter gives each item a feel of uniqueness and originality thus making it easily distinguishable from huge amount of ordinary mass-produced items. Besides, working with the painted mouse or keyboard feels much more aesthetic and pleasant, than with regular ones.

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    635 Lamborghini Gallardo

    Price: $ 36


    Price: $ 39


    Price: $ 39


    Price: $ 39

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    Price: $ 0
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    Price: $ 39

    Price: $ 0
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    [20.03.2017] :: На склад поступили очень красивые хохломские мышки

    [04.01.2011] :: Expansion of geography of sales

    [21.08.2007] :: We invite you to exhibition "IPSA advertizing souvenirs, Autumn 2007"

    [26.03.2007] :: Our mouses in Hannover

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